Ooze is a single player game, played with a Joystick plugged into the Left Controller slot. You get three chances at completing the game without allowing the ooze, or your own missile, to touch your ship. There are 10 levels to a complete game. Further notes:

I’m wanting to squeeze the best overall gameplay out of this one more time before releasing it on cart. Past efforts only involved a few testers. Hoping to get a few more this time around.Before, the levels were somewhat random, with a couple of real tough ones mixed in. This time around, I’ve decided to try a cyclic set of similar levels with a better ramp-up to the ending level 10.Additionally, the initial levels in prior versions started out really, really easy. I think that made the game somewhat boring at first, then fairly decent. This set of level parameters starts the game out at the action level, then ramps up from there. I’m hoping this has a better immersive effect than the other combinations did. You tell me!At this point, major gameplay feature changes are off the table, but changes to colors, level parameters and other minor tweaks are going to be considered. Again, lemme know what you think!