The second ever avaliable SNES emulator forGP32 comes from Yoyo and a few other guys. This one is called OpenSnes9xGP and is open-source!!! … and it has been updated recently. Here are the changes:

8bpp mode triple buffering in 8bpp mode : fixes flickering issue at low frameskip new transparency hack mode : zelda&mario world seem ok. sound bug causing random crash fixed .cfg file for all / per game. improved GUI. dsp1 optimized a bit. zsnes .zs* savestate can be loaded if correctly named (<->mariow.zst, mariow.zs1…) C4 support (megaman X 2&X 3) BUG FIXED : gamma settings not used in directcolourmode(super metroid…) added spc playback, using openspc++ from kode54. code cleaning&memory management improved