Skeezix has updated his Atari ST emulator Outcast. Changes:

  • FIX: Flicker in the menus nolonger exists.
  • CHG: Clears the screen and shows a message when firing up the emu, so you know to wait a moment and whats going on, and no junk at bottom
  • NEW: Enabled throttling by default, to approximately 60Hz though the menu lets you specify 60, or 50 Hz, or even 30Hz to slow things down.. to no throttle at all for max speed (like in alpha 001 default)
  • CHG: Added a lame comment to loader to make it feel more authentic; I really need to add a sin-boncey-text intro for the real deal
  • NEW: Theres an operational ST keyboard for entering text, that is used for the Make a Savestate operation in the menu, and a few other spots
  • NEW: Savestates and loadstates should work; while in the emu, hit START to bring up the runtime menu, and hit Make a Savestate; there you can enter a filename with the ST keyboard, and save out the state. You can load the savestate (.ss file) from the Disk Picker just like loading a floppy into the machine is done.