Skeezix has updated his Atari ST emulator Outcast to version 003. New in this version:

  • NEW: Virtual keyboard — needed for entering text or function keys etc of course, but also to get into a lot of games; the crack groups often put loader demos, or multiple games on a disk, and so you sometimes need to hit spacebar, or a number, of function key. Of course, some games require keyboard controls, too.
  • NEW: Input modes a little more defined
  • FIX: YM chipmusic is pretty good now, though sample playback is still asshat; I’ll work on that more. Always running out of time 😉
  • NOTE: Most of the START runtime menu should work fine now; CPU Mhz setting isn’t yet available, but throttle and frameskip and disk management and savestates and control modes should all be working!
  • CHG: Welcome screen text