Skeezix has updated his Atari ST emulator Outcast. Changes:

  • NEW: Volume buttons now actually work
  • FIX: .MSA (ST-compressed) disk images now work fine; took hours to bloody find it, and its one of those stupid-but-invisible buglets :/
  • FIX: Medium resolution should now work
  • NEW: In joystick mode, ‘Y’ is now keyboard SPACEBAR, so that Turrican Xenon 1 are happier wink.gif
  • NEW: Sorts the disk picker display (by filename)
  • NEW: The games database is now auto-scanned and the results cached; ie: when it loads up the picker, it scans the cache and looks up all the games for you; uncached files are scanned and cached. A second column shows the gamenames in the picker. – I’ve got a few hundred disks, and the first load took a minute or two, but subsequent scans (from the cache) took only 2s or so.. a win I think.
  • NEW: Quitting the emu via the runtime (START) menu will return to the gp2x launcher properly.