Skeezix released a new version of his Atari ST emulator for the GP2x.

From 005 to 006 here, I’ve done some crazier things and not had time to test it much, so I need you guys to beet it up before I continue working on things..

ex: I’ve rewound my FDC (floppy controller) code to an older version that should be more stable .. handles writes and formats better, for instance. (You still can’t save the disk image back to SD, I’ll add that.. but games that need the drive to work right should work.. so this should get you some great RPGs and such.) I’ve rewound some of the timer code a bit, which has removed flicker from The Pawn’s loader artowkr for instance, so some games should look better too.

I’ve done some work on the sample-playback problem and I think I know where the issue is (similar to on prior variatoins like on the GP32) .. the ST is giving really low rate sample data, and at 44KHz we blow through it too quick. For this build I’ve added some lame ‘stretching’ code to make the sample data last longer before being consumed, and samples do sound much better (but still shite