PAlib is a coding library for the Nintendo DS. This is a BETA version and is not intended to replace the current stable version. If you are unsure of what you are doing, do not use this version. Release notes:

It’s a major update to PAlib, not in terms of functionnality, but in it’s inner workings… I changed the way it’s compiled, renamed/moved/changed a lot of files. Because of this, you will have to delete both PAlib and PAlibExamples before using this version. I would recommend renaming them to OldPalib, etc… This version does not require recompiling, should work for both C and C++ (from what I tested), and takes much less memory. It only includes the used elements. So a simple text example takes 63kB, while 8bit text will take 300kB… No recompiling is necessary to take into account the different elements used. Using the keyboard will add an extra 20k, etc… Globably, you should always get smaller results than with any other PAlib version. PA_Config.h is dead ! I tested this version on a few codes I had, on superstar’s C++ demo he sent me, and it worked perfectly. I also compiled all the example to check that everything was ok, but couldn’t test it all on DS. Sprites seem 100% ok, as well as all the background functions. Text is perfect (except 16c text). Keyboard, recognition, pad and stylus work (C and C++). GBFS and PAFS seem to work too, all the 8/16bit functions, jpeg, gif and all seem to work. 2 3d examples are broken (looking for PAlogo which I don’t have ?), and video doesn’t compile (didn’t have the time to correct ityet). This will be fixed in the final release. Kleevah told me sound worked too !