PAlib is a useful coding library for the Nintendo DS. You can grab the latest version from it’s release thread. This release is mainly a bugfix release:

  • [Examples] Fixed the keyboard example, had SimpleText instead of Text function, so the line break didn’t work :S
  • [Examples] Added Sprite/Priorities2, which shows how the priority system could be used to create a card game, or an isometric 3D system…
  • [Screen Lights] Rewrote the code, shouldn’t break the sound anymore
  • [Arm7] Switched to libnds’s IRQ system, now works better on MK2/3
  • [PA3D] Compiles again, sorry !
  • [Backgrounds] Optimised the Background memory error messages
  • [Palettes] Added PA_SetSpritePalCol
  • [C++] Fixed the Pad/Stylus problem (replacing bool by u8, I don’t like that…)