Image provided by: TorlusPandaForth by Torlus is a Forth like programming language for the Gameboy Advance. Here is what he writes on his homepage:

I made a port of PandaForth (a Forth implementation I did for my hardware project, see FPGA section).One of the original features of PandaForth is that you can use the interpreter directly from your computer if you have a MBV2 cable, by using the”console mode”of the tool bundled with it.If you don’t have such a cable, you can still test the interpreter features on hardware or in an emulator, as PandaForth is able to”embed”source with the help of Damian Yerrick’s GBFS library for GBA.It is bundled with full source code, a small demo written in Forth, and all the scripts to build your own programs.