I got a total of eight submissions:GBamatron by Dr. Hirudo (Gameboy)Grecotron by Dave VanEe (Gameboy Color)WWartron by Gytis (Gameboy Advance)Pocketron by Torlus (Neo Geo Pocket Color)Escape From Llama by Jum (GP32)GP Camel by Snesy and Illumninatus (GP32)Llamabooost by LordGraga and DayDream (Gameboy Advance)GodTron by Wub (GP32)This makes up 1 x GB, 1 x GBC, 2 x GBA, 1 x NGPC and 3 x GP32. The screenshot page should be up within the next 48 hours. Results will be out around Sunday (15th February) along with the downloads. Thanks to everyone who submitted his entry to make the compo possible. – Kojote[Update]Submission page is up (left frame, PDR Coding Compos). Only screenshots are avaliable yet. No downloads, no results!