The results are out! Judging was done by Kedo (GP32 Coder: Xump, BattleShips) and EvilDragon/GP32x. Kedo took over my job as I had to work more than expected, thanks! The competition would have had only one prize, but as I am having a good day today, we give out TWO prizes.Evildragon’s votes:

1. Beer Belly Bill 22. SubMission3. Lost Temple of Ra4. GPDigger5. LightsOut6. Time Invaders7. Mr. CatFlap8. Chopper9. Adjustris10. Jumping Jim11. Hover Bovver12. SubAttack13. Snake3D14. TetMan

Kedo’s votes:

1 SubMission by Tomasz2 Beer Belly Bill 2 by Widdy3 Jumping Jim by Alekmaul4 Adjustris by tbsp5 Lightsout by Lupin6 GP Digger by Aoyama7 Chopper by Jum8 Lost Temple Of RA (ISO) by blastar9 Subattack by The Black Frog10 Tetman v0.02 by Kaneda11 Time Invaders v0.02 by Haroldo12 Hover Bovver by Neil Balmer13 Mr Catflap by digitaljez14 Snake 3D by Fonzie

That means: The prize winning entries are”Beer Belly Bill 2″and”SubMission”. The winners will be informed by myself right after I made this posting :)Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. This was the last competition held by PDRoms for a long while now.You can download the entries from: entries page is here: