EvilDragon and myself have finalized the judging, the results are:

#1 Matrix Runner – Gameboy Advance
#2 Dastardly Dungeon – GP2x/Fenix
#3 Elevator Madness (Pre) – Super Nintendo Entertainment System
#4 Subhunt – GP2x
#5 Monsterattack – GP2x
#6 Dungeon and Dragon – GP2x/Java
#7 Skeet Shoot – Gameboy Advance
#8 BugHunt2x – GP2x
#8 LCD Race – GP2x
#9 Watch Rally – GP2x
#10 The AcchiappaStelle – GP2x
#– Kick and Play – GP2x
#– Musical Chests – Gameboy Advance

We had a total of 13 entries, while two had to be disqualified. Rank #8 is shared between two entries as they had the same score.

Unforunatley we had to disqualify two entries.

  • Musical Chests did not comply with the rules as it had no proper G&W movement behavior.
  • Kick and Play was a great game, but didn’t match the rules exactly. Goal was to write a Q&W or Q&Q style game, instead a real LCD type game has been submitted, not dealing with the limitations of the mentioned two above. It was a hard step to do this, but our intentions were to give everyone the same fair chances.

    Thanks to all contributors. The winners will be contacted soon. The files are available for download.