The results of the recently held PDRoms Coding Competition #3.667 are out, the judges (robocop_ – and Evildragon – ) have spoken!

Thanks to all sponsors of this competition too! http://www.ngine.de

#1 Codename Hacker GBA by alekmaul, lobo, daydream
#2 Hexavirus GBA by alekmaul, mollusk
#3 Znax by birslip
#4 Jumping Barnabe GBA by alekmaul
#5 Broken ASCII Digger by Sektor
#6 Yet Another SFCave v1.0 by GPF
#7 Paper, Scissor, Rocks 4 GBA by d3x

Follow the link for descriptions, pictures and of course – download!

So that’s it folks! See you next coding competition! Thanks to all guys who parcipated! The winners will be notified within this weekend! Congratulation to the winners!
-Kojote, robocop_ and Evildragon