The recently held coding competition PDRC #3.99 is over and there are 11 entries.

In particular:

KuMoLo by Kukulcan
Mutant Tank Knights by Quasist
Mega Drops by daaa57150
Headless Ninja Volley v0.9
Negative Space by Mia
4WE by Paolo
VP Culsimulation by Dje
Kakuro Nichiyou PSP v1.0 (Newspaper Edition) by MK2k
STORM v20080309 by SoLo2
Superwings by eKid
BoxManPSP v1a by Judas

I will prepare the judging pack soon, downloads will appear with the results. Please allow up to two weeks for this task, but of course we hope to be a lot faster 😉

Thanks for everyone who parcipated!