Dear visitors,

We had a hard disk crash recently, which resulted into a loss of our bootloader and other problems. It was very difficult to handle the situation as our server farm is bound to specific working times and were not reachable during night, which pulled everything further into the future.

Thanks to EvilDragon ( ) we managed to come back online. All the fame should go to him – he’s a smart guy and didn’t even moan a second to help out.

The coding competition results for PDRC v4.01 are still pending as one judge is not done with his vote yet. As soon as this is done, the results will be compiled and presented. Please be a bit more patient.

Also by now Kojote has posted more than 70 news of major homebrew releases of the past five days, so be sure to check the backlog and let everyone know we are here again 🙂

The usual service should be back to normal soon!