Here is the official entry list:

(DC) Duck Game by SinisterTengu(GBA) Beer Belly Bill by Metalvotze(GBA) Bridge Racer by Bootlegger(GBA) Bytes by eKid(GBA) Dragonfear v0.4 by Saidan(GBA) Formula Four by Bastian Pflieger(GBA) Fred Firefighter by LordGraga(GBA) Inbreed Hockey by violator(GBA) Monochromancy by Nicholas Scheltema(GBA) My Robot v1.0 by Nick Sabalausky(GBA) Tri-Chain Memory by Jason Haffner(GBC) Rogue LCD v1.0 by Haroldo de Oliveira Pinheiro(GBC) Sabinov by Keldon Alleyne and David Kirkland(GBC) Wall Defence by Ventzislav Tzvetkov(GEN) Monk and Monkies by Fonzie(GP32) Commerce Conflict by aquafish(GP32) Gtris by rov(GP32) GW Tennis by Aoyama(GP32) Liquid Seawolf by donskeeto(GP32) Pyramids v1.0 by Oankali(GP32) Rapid Racer by Anata(GP32) Rescue v1.0 by Andreas Gustafsson(GP32) Snake LCD by Avseth(NGPC) Olaf by Loic

The entries will be public avaliable AFTER the voting. Judges will recieve the entry today. Due to the amount of entries, judging will take a bit more than one week.Update 7th July @ 12:14:Entry list fixed, the entry”Monochromancy by Nicholas Scheltema”marked as (GEN) is for (GBA)