Okay… here we go! As promised in time, ready for the weekend! First of all: Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, Thanks to the judges krb, Torlus, John/Consolefever and EvilDragon/GP32x. Thanks to donskeeto for supporting me with the GP32 screenshot of the entries. And of course: A hughe thanks toCONSOLEFEVERwho gave the prize. Normally there was only one prize, but as the guys at consolefever were so surprised about the the number of contributions, they decided to give another NGPC with games to #2 and a GBA Movie Player to #3. Winners will get an email tomorrow as I am almost dead from working and making the php pages… 🙂There was a total of 24 submissions:In detail: 10 Gameboy Advance entries, 8 GP32 entries, 3 Gameboy Color entries, 1 Genesis/Megadrive entry and 1 Neo Geo Pocket Color entry. Have fun!The winner entry is”Beer Belly Bill”(GBA Entry) by WiDDy/Metalvotze! Congratulations!