A new PDRoms Coding Competition is in the pipe. A draft of the goal and the rules have been created and already sent to a few potential sponsors. Unfortunatly no one of them replied yet, so I try to seek this way.If you are interested in sponsoring the compo with any prizes, please get in touch with kojote(at)pdroms(dot)germany(use-tld for germany). If I can recognize your honest will to sponsor the compo you will be served with a draft of the competition rules along with further details. A permanent banner of your company can be granted at all related compo pages.-KojoteUpdate 08:02:On a sidenote I want to mention that I was not be able to get the last missing prizes for PDRC #3, which I am very sorry about. The last remaining main-prizes were paid out of my pocket (at this time the items had a higher value than I earned in one month…) and reached the last guys in October 2005. The only thing which can not be done are the T-Shirts for every contestant. Unfortunatly I did not had any written contract and the CEO of consolefever.com disappered after having”obvious”family problems. I have contact to one of his mates, but he still says that he is having those family problems. After months of running after them, I am tired. So everyone who would deserve a T-Shirt for the PDRC #3 compo, I am sorry but there is no way to get the last missing items. I plan to print PDRoms T-Shirts soon, if this should get reality, I am willing to send a PDRoms T-Shirt instead of the consolefever.com one, but of course I can not promise anything for sure yet as this would be another massive desaster for my pocket and I already pay most costs for PDRoms out of it.