The one or other might enter a production into the PDRoms Coding Competition (allowed are demos/intros and games for Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, GP32), so here is a small status information.The past days I were able to get four well known companies to support the competition (Gamefreax,Mitsui Co. Ltd.,GBAX,Success-HK). The current prizes in total: 300 EUR in cash, 240 US$ in coupons, one GP32 handheld with backlight, one GBA SP handheld, 10 GP32 T-Shirts, two 256mbit gba flasher sets, one 128mbit gba flasher set, etc… (more to come, hopefully)The rules were also slightly updated to clear out misunderstandings which appeared till now. Get full details on the page linked below. If there are still questions left you can join EFNET #pdroms and ask 😉