Dear visitor,

For those who know about the current “alpha testing page”, please keep it TOP SECRET. If PDRoms is fully back, then it will be located at where it used to be.

So far we only have around 700 files back up and we feel it’s not enough – considering we had more than 2000 files, before the file archive disappeared.

At this moment a kudos to celeth, the coder, who is working his ass off again! He was spending plenty of hours the past three days to improve and make the “new” PDRoms release ready.

Currently we expirience layout problems because IE doesn’t follow all standards. What is done so far…

* “Main News” on the front page, which covers all systems
* Three main RSS feeds – News, Latest Files, Latest File Updates
* System specific news page along with homebrew downloads. Including RSS feeds (Latest “insert system here” Files and Latest “insert system name here” news
* Most uploads do have a screenshot and YES, the long requested thumbnail preview has been coded and is beeing activly used!

Time for some sleep now… I might post some more information in the webboard late at night.

Please again, if you know about the “alpha testing page” don’t spread the URL. You have been given this information in trust, any PUBLIC leak of the URL might turn into the page beeing delayed a lot, as everything is alpha and the page could get messed up easily and work of months can be destroyed in no time.

Thanks for your understanding and myself along the PDRoms team can assure you, that the time of waiting will be over soon.