After months of silence and recoding, here it is! PDRoms is back – your favorite legal rom archive. Play games or use tools on real hardware or just in an emulator of choice!

The page is not really in the shape we want to have it, but before our coder celeth is getting busy again… here it is!

What is done so far:
* Main News
* News Archive (News before 2002 are lost, news between 2002 and 2006 need a recategorization, because while converting the old database the formatting has been lost! – This is a task which will take some weeks)
* File Archive for many many systems! Around 700 files are up, more to come – This task will also take some time to get back to the old > 2200 Files.
* Three MAIN RSS Feeds – “News” – “Latest Files” – “Last Updated Files”
* Each category has the option of own WWW news along with two feeds, systemspecific news and systemspecific “new files”. If you are not interested in the whole bunch of homebrew, just make sure you visit your favorite system page
* Downloads are FREE and don’t need registration

What needs work?
* Registration system – Sorry it’s not public yet, but if it goes public you will have some “extra features”
* Adding extra features
* Possible display problems in Opera – we are on it!

Thanks to celeth for the new framework and kedo for helping to pull few files up! Kudos to them!

Here is also a special message for my beautiful wife Rabia – Thanks for your patience, I know the work on PDRoms drained our free time 😡 – Without your love it would also not be possible to gather all the energy to run such a project. Thanks for your support!

-Kojote / 12th October 2007

PS: Now it’s back up to you to bring PDRoms back to glory – spread the word!
PSS: If you have a digg account –