PDRoms will get a completly new code base and you have the chance now to request features and tell your other thoughts about this page.

  • What are you missing?
  • What can be improved?
  • Is there anything you don’t like? If so, what and why? It is very important that you are giving feedback, this will help me to improve PDRoms, which means it will be also a better service for you. You can raise your voice now to make this a more comfortable place for you and others! Every single thought will help to improve this page and make it a better community service. Feedback can be left in the thread linked below, Guest posting is enabled, no registration required.The coder will start on 15th December. A brandnew layout is also done! So leave your opinion and help to enhance this community service! Once the code is done I will REUPLOAD the whole archive on a new serer, which means more speed and it will also allow larger files, which haven’t been uploaded yet (like homebrews larger than 50mb, – pdx intro collection for psx, etc) I will also go and upload missing releases and start new sections as for gp2x and psp. Thanks for reading and hopefully thanks for your opinion! -Kojotehttp://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=246PS: There are also two free advertising slots… if you are interested, drop me an e-mail!