Hello everyone,

There been many things the past few weeks and months, so lets have a small roundup.

PDRoms has been relaunched using a new “Content Management System”. While the old custom page coded by celeth was great, it was unfortunately never brought into the shape we wanted to have. Real life and other priorities simply did not allow us to finalize the code. Many features were never realized. The new CMS used is WordPress with a few customizations made by CrazyRaven. By using such a popular CMS we can rely on many plugins, which can extend the functionality in several ways – While on one end it’s time saving it also bears risks, but no solution will be ever perfect. Even migrating from a custom solution to the new one, took us really many weeks – but the result so far is acceptable and good.

Other than that, we have moved to a more powerful server. This step was unfortunately necessary due to WordPress eating all resources on the old server and crashing the machine each few hours, which resulted into down times. As of now everything should run smooth again.

One of the new features is commenting. Registration, which is available upon request, enables you to comment on posts, or when appropriate rights are given, even post your own news on the main page. This might be especially interesting for developers who want to get their homebrew program spread to a large audience.

PDRoms is still just a hobby and having additional costs for setting up a new server plus paying it’s monthly fees isn’t a pleasure, especially as this page has only created costs so far. If you value our work, please consider donating or helping with news.

Another thing being asked many times – We currently do not plan any coding competitions. The homebrew community isn’t hidden in dark corners of the internet anymore and many homebrew pages do run coding competitions as well. There is simply no need anymore – but of course we are still open minded if there is enough serious interest.

Keep on visiting PDRoms and thanks for reading!

Kojote & Team