Kojote thought it would be good to mention that we have a”Submit News”form again.If you are developer and want to make sure that your news are spread as fast as possible, please make use of this feature. If you are not developer but know of an uncovered release, feel free to use the”Submit News”form too.We accept news for any featured system on PDRoms. May it be a binary, a source release, a magazine to be read with your favorite handheld or console, and so on. If you use this form the news will be spread to the currently active PDRoms staff. This will grant a fast processing time.Thanks for reading!Submit News Form:http://www.pdroms.de/submit_news.phpWhile we are at it! We also have a webboard at:http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/index.phppo’qako/pdroms