PGEN v1.1 is out! The highlight this release is support for the PS2 HDD. The changes:

* Just about all PS2 specific code re-written * Started using gsLib for graphics * Added scroll bar to romlist and Save Manager * Added support for loading ROM’s from the memory cards * Added HDD support. Now possible to save/load states and options to the HDD, and load ROM’s from the HDD * CD refresh obsolete, removed * Added support for zipped roms * Filtering now available for rendering (hardware linear filtering) * Saved states now use zlib for compression. Old saves are incompatible. * Killed support for OLD JAP consoles (sorry :P) * Fixed bug with FIFO empty (VDP control port) emulation. Fixes games such as Wonderboy 5 and Splatterhouse 2. * Added multitap support for use in 4 player games * No longer load modules from cdrom, making it possible to boot from a memory card via the PS2 Independence exploit * Many other misc changes