JustBurn sent me a new version of his Gameboy Mono emulator for the GBA. Changes and new features are:

    I just fixed some bugs on it:FPS Sprites are 100% Opaque now, that prevert some GB sprites to show up behind it (GBA Hardware have a little problem to implement priority vs order of sprites right)”8×8 Sprites Update”routine fixed, games like Darkwing / Looney Toon show the correct sprites priority nowBG and WIN palettes are finally divided in Text modes (on Bitmap mode is already divided) with the new rewritted VRAMGB Keypad Register (Address 0xFF00) fixed when P14 and P15 is not selected (Returned 0xF0 inleast of 0xFF)And added/removed:Removed compo text to free up some space and speed up screen stretch/shrink on Bitmap modeRemoved”Improved Timer”builds because they didn’t affected the emulation at allAdded support for exit in Pogoshell, also works alone as Global Reset (Just like old”Reset PocketGB”)Added Nintendo(tm) GB Logo on ROM StartUp, just copying no$gmb idea ;)Added Metroid 2 Palette into”rgb palettes”folder 😉

You can download this new release which is officially hosted on GBAEmu from our PocketGB pagehere. Dont forget to give any feedback on this release via the GBAEmu emulationforum