PocketNES Version 9 is finally here! A massive new update, and all the new stuff is courtesy of flubba, while the original emulator code of course comes from loopy.

Here’s the list of what’s new since version 8, this includes all the previous updates in the flubba hacks: Added CPU sleep when idle in VBlank (saves battery =). Added slomo with L+Start. Added PCM IRQ generation, fixes”Fire Hawk”,”Last Starfighter”&”Silent Service”. Added mapper 228 (Action52 intro is wrong). Added mapper 180 (Crazy Climber (J), no controller yet though). Added mapper 105 (Nintendo World Championship) remember to disable CPU hack (for”Rad Racer”). Added mapper 93 (Fantazy Zone (J)) Added mapper 72,73,75,76,78,86,87,92,94,232. Added mapper 70/152. Saint Seiya doesn’t work correctly anyway, not the mappers fault. Added mapper 68 (Maharaja(J), Platoon(VS), no gfx in After Burner though). Added mapper 67 (Fantasy Zone 2 – The Teardrop of Opa-Opa (J)). Added mapper 34 (Deadly Towers&Impossible Mission 2). Added mapper 33 (“Don Doko Don 2″doesn’t work, everything else should). Added mapper 22,24,26,32,65,80&97. All”Kaiketsu Yanchamaru”games are playable now. Added mappers 19,23&69. Added mapper 79&18. Added mapper 15(Contra 16 100-in-1). Fixed”Low G Man”. Fixes to mappers 4,16,21&25. Fixed some of the savestate problems. Fixed graphic splits in scaled mode (many intro screens). Fixed PCM sample playing, takes a little more CPU now. Fixed multiplay, also supports up to 4 players now. Fixed background flicker. Fixed Sprite 0 hit a bit, Captain Skyhawk, Snow Bros&Saint Seiya starts now, probably break other games. Fixed sprites to background priority. Fixed sprites animation with CHR switching a bit (SMB3). Fixed scaled sprites a bit. Fixed invisible sprites (Ninja gaiden 2, TMNT 2). Fixes to multiboot,sram and Pogoshell (Herg). Fixed VS-palette for Platoon, Hoogans Alley, Pinball, Clu Clu Land, Machrider, Dr Mario, Super Sky Kid Battle City, Star Luster, Freedom Force&Slalom. Changed GBA hardware PWM frequency for (hopefully) better sound. Changed”Restart”in PogoNES to restart and added”Exit”to exit to the shell.