Christopher has released an improved version of PSP Chess. It’s basicly a port of BACE (Bowron – Abernethy Chess Engine, AKA Boo’s Chess Engine), a chess engine which Christopher had coded with a partner. Changes in this release:

I’ve been working on getting the infrastructure set up for networking so most of the changes are not user visible changes. The most visible change to end users will be the modification that should allow it to be installed in any directory not just psp/game/pspchess so you should be able to use the corrupt icon removal tool. RELEASE 0.31 client mode keys: RTRIGGER = show terminal screen START = show terminal screen Game Mode option supercedes analysis mode (NORMAL,ANALYSIS,CLIENT) Network Framework – Using txt file to mimic network input On Screen Keyboard Code tentatively: DOWN+LTRIGGER – clear input buffer LEFT/RIGHT – change character frame TRIANGLE/CIRCLE/SQUARE/CROSS – select character LTRIGGER – backspace RTRIGGER – space (1x) / enter (2x) UP – toggle shift lock SELECT – select quick string START – abort / return to game screen from terminal screen fixed path specific options that required pspchess to located in /PSP/GAME/PSPCHESS now you should be able to do the wacky corrupted icon removal thingy if you want.