Most of the PSP interested people might have already read about it. There is a WORKING downgrader for 2.00 PSP’s.While previous news were mostly fake and the staff of PDR didn’t write about it, this one is real! It has been confirmed to work byWiddy/Metalvotze, one of my mate from the demoscene, who tried it himself.For all of you who don’t know what to do with this: Sony’s PSP v1.00 and v1.50 are able to run homebrew code, such as homebrew games and emulators, using an exploit. Other versions can’t do this. European PSP’s were shipped with v2.00 by default, and now their owners have the chance to get their hand on homebrew stuff. Whilehomebrew also enables warez, you are encouraged to be fair and buy games you like. Homebrew and warez are two different pairs of shoes and please respect the hard work of commercial developers. This is also in the sense of the team who found the bufferoverflow making this downgrade possible.The base for the MPH downgrader was the recently discovered buffer overflow while displaying a picture. Based on this buffer overflow, they managed to bypass and access an eboot file with the old 1.5 firmware.If you downgrade your PSP v2.00 be sure to follow the instructions one by one.Attention: Everything has been confirmed to work by several people now, BUT doing such a thing to your PSP can probably break it and doing this downgrade surly violates the Sony given warranty.I try to avoid my personal opinion in newsposts, but this one has to be said: Great work MPH! And welcome all the new PSP v1.5 owners 🙂