memon/Moppi Productions decided to hit the PSP and and port a part of one of his older demos to the PSP. Here is what he said:

I decided to make a small semi-port of our quite popular demo as it seemed like a fun excercise to get to know the PSP hardware. And nice piece of HW it is 🙂

Use the usual 1.5 kxploit method to run it (that is copy both folders into the psp/game/ folder).

This piece os software does not come with any warranty. If you brick or break your machine while using it, it is your problem.

Usage: The white thing can be controlled to some degree using the analog nub, and the [] button changes to the blueish thing and the X button back to the white thing.

If you wish to experiment with your own music, keep in mind that PSP is not your monster 4GHz PC, so something like mono 64kb mp3 is a nice starting point. The freq _must_be_ 44k.