PSP-HTTPD is a basic PSP web server, powered by LuaPlayer 0.15. What this does is basically let you download files from your PSP using your wireless network connection. You can browse through the files on your web browser, as if you’re surfing a website. HTML pages will even be sent so you could run a website off your PSP. Release notes:

Check the first post of this topic, I’ve updated the server to 0.2. File transfers should be over twice as fast as before now. Please report the speeds you’re able to attain, and report any bugs here, as always.


  • Chunk size no longer internally set as 1024
  • Default chunk size increased from 512 to 1024
  • File transfer error correction improved considerably, transfer rates of 20KB/s + usable now without frequent corruption
  • MIME type checking no longer case-sensitive, so files such as test.HtMl will still display
  • File size added to files in directory view
  • When browsing a directory with an index.htm file, the index.htm will be shown instead of directory listing