PSP-HTTPD is a basic PSP web server, powered by LuaPlayer 0.15. What this does is basically let you download files from your PSP using your wireless network connection. You can browse through the files on your web browser, as if you’re surfing a website. HTML pages will even be sent so you could run a website off your PSP. Changes:

Changes in v0.3:

  • New template-based interface for directory listings
  • Fixed error on exit, server now shuts down cleanly
  • Config file revamped, now with commented options and two new settings: server port and send retries
  • If the config file does not exist or options are missing, default variables will be loaded
  • File sizes now sent in HTTP headers
  • Added CSS mime type
  • Changed default number of error-checking repeats from 100 to 80
  • File send message in console now shows more detailed info about the file