Elxx has released a new version of his PSP Web Server written in Lua. This one will require the latest Lua-Player v0.16, which has been released recently. Release notes:

Here’s a nice and supercharged version of my PSP web server, powered by the recently released LuaPlayer 0.16.What this does is basically let you download files from your PSP using your wireless network connection. You can browse through the memory stick wirelessly, using only the web browser on your computer. HTML pages will even be sent so you could run a website off your PSP. Thus, it turns your PSP into an HTTP Daemon.In 0.4, there have been some huge changes to the transfers. LuaPlayer 0.16 has apparently fixed the issues with the WLAN connection dropping randomly, so you should be able to run the server for several hours. Remember to have it hooked up to the charger though! Now, you will also be prompted at the start of the app to choose which WLAN connection to use.In addition, I have once again improved the error handling. With a nice quality connection, you can easily hit speeds of over 100 kb/s! That means you can listen to the MP3’s on your PSP without even having to wait for them to download (if you have software that can stream like that). I eagerly await your comments on how fast you were able to push the server. Just keep bumping up the chunk size and see how fast your transfers can get.Have fun, and don’t hesitate to give comments and suggestions.Changelog for v0.4:

  • Added WLAN profile chooser at startup [thanks modsyn]
  • Improved error handling now resends only missing portions of chunks, allowing higher speeds
  • Default chunk size increased to 8192
  • http://forums.qj.net/showthread.php?t=32590