Image provided by: ElxxElxx has released a new version of his PSP Web Server previously written in Lua, but now available as stand-alone version. Release notes:

PSP-HTTPD is an extremely portable web server that runs off just your PSP’s Wi-Fi capabilities, in Infrastructure mode. When you start it up, it will connect to the Wi-Fi router and then your PSP will be accessible by any other Internet-capable device on your network. This means that you can wirelessly browse the files on your firmware 1.5 PSP using your computer, cell phone, PDA, or even a second PSP with the web browser! To go even further, you can open up your router to the web and host a website off your PSP.

New in 0.5 are some nice interface enhancements – the server now has a status bar at the top of the console, showing how much it has transferred, the current uptime, and internal IP. In addition to this, PSP-HTTPD is now a standalone app – copy it to your /PSP/GAME directory and serve away. Here’s the official list of changes:

  • Server is now a standalone PSP app, using a custom compiled version of LuaPlayer
  • New WLAN connection code in LuaPlayer core, allowing for quick checking of connection status without freezes
  • Network profile selector now able to save your selection
  • Network profile selector auto-connects if you only have one network profile
  • Added top status bar to show input/output/uptime/IP info
  • All server execution is within a single loop now, allowing for soft restarts
  • Added slight margins and line spacing to console output for better readability
  • Changed directory listing template to 90% relative width to make viewing on mobile/PSP browsers easier
  • Split code and templates into separate directories
  • Title of directory listing page reflects location
  • Added auto_restart config setting
  • Added autorestart_method config setting
  • Fixed crash when trying to view non-existent directory
  • Added MIME type for MP3 files
  • Added screenshot function (press Triangle when idling to save to screenshot.png)
  • Changed ‘bytes’ to ‘b’ in file size parsing function