Rainer Sinsch has sent me another application for the PSP. This time it’s a MOD player for the PSP. Release source of this application is PDRoms, so please give proper credits (proper credits means: mention at least pdroms along WITH a link).

Installation notes (for PSP v1.5):
Extract the memory-stick folder to your memory-stick as it is. If you want more mod files just put them into the mods folder located at the root of your memory-stick.

PSP-MODPlay plays all available MOD-files located at the /mods folder. Press”X”to cycle through them (no file browser yet). Everything will be played at stereo 44.1khz, including linear interpolation. Supported file types are all .MOD files: Sound-tracker, Star-tracker, Pro-tracker, etc – up to eightchannels.

Please note that the included mod files where taken somewhere from the internet, respect the authors.

Known bugs:
mods folder is limited to 512 songs max

Rainer Sinsch (rsinsch[at]t-online.de)