The PSP NEWS&Lik Sang 30 Day Coding Comp winner is now to be announced, heres a quick rundown of the entrants:The Entrants:William Edmeades – Loki (#1)St?ane L?sque – Ikuzo (#2)Deniska / NOIZ2SAv07 (#3)Mike Haggar – PSPicross 0.2(#4)Xul8t0r / Submission (#5)PSmonkey / Quake 3 Bsp Map Viewer (#6)l33th4x0r / Connect 4 (#7)The winner for the contest was NOIZ2SA By Deniska with a score of 37.5 out of 50 Points followed closely by Ikuzo on 36 and then PSMonkeys Quake 3 BSP Viewer.