rafPSP and Sandberg have updated their internet radio streaming client for the Playstation Portable. On a sidenote: This version is a work in progress! It’s rather unuseable at the moment and should be used at own risk! Changelog:


  • (raf) Core: Logging instantiated in the heap instead of the data segment.
  • (raf) Core: Modifications to make it compatible with the latest pspsdk (r1542)
  • (raf) Playback: Corrected bug that caused app to crash when a stream failed.
  • (raf) TextUI: Made the title shorter so it fits no matter what font is used.
  • (sandberg) Updated the 3D UI so all options are fitted to the screen.

    New features:

  • (raf) TextUI: Now files defined in playlists are displayed without the path, and the extension is only shown if configured to in the config file.
  • (raf) Compiled against latest pspsdk (r1542). There should be some speed improvements, as things like memcpy are now optimized.
  • (raf) Core/TextUI: Added support to print text using pixel coordinates
  • (raf) TexUI: Removed cleaning code that was unnecessary in the options screen renderer. This should speed it up a bit.
  • (sandberg) Added support for showing the time and the battery level on the 3D UI.
  • http://pspradio.berlios.de/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=142