rafPSP and Sandberg have updated their internet radio streaming client for the Playstation Portable. On a sidenote: This version is a work in progress! It’s rather unuseable at the moment and should be used at own risk! Thanks to PSP-Updates for the news. Changelog:


  • (sandberg) Core: Updated to use socket headers from the new pspsdk.
  • (raf) TextUI: Fixed bug where localfiles where getting truncated as they were displayed.


  • (raf) Core: Removed local LibPSPNet; using pspsdk’s pspnet now.
  • (raf) Core: Added new LocalFiles screen.
  • (raf) TextUI: Using new screens by semtex199.
  • (raf) TextUI: Added configuration items to cfg file to configure the list’s titles.
  • http://pspradio.berlios.de/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=142