Do you want to use to misuse your PSP as remote control? This tool by Melman101 makes it possible. For further details please read all available documentations (readme.txt). Changes in this release:

Lots of changes in this one guys. Nothing too advanced but will give us more control of the Devices we got working so far.For example, by popular demand, I changed the PS2 remote format aroundand now we have Start and Select. Hope that helps some of you for the wireless controller idea. Also, I changed L1 and R1 respectively, to send there signal.To now change the menu you need to press LTrigger + RTrigger when at the PS2 Screen. The other menus still change with just RTrigger. Also, in the Sony Wega remote, I added the ability to bring up the On-ScreenMenu. You can navigate around the menu with the Analog Stick. Lastly, I added a PS2 DVD Remote Controller so you can play / stop etc from the controller. Also, the ability to bring up the On-screen menu. (This is also possible with the addition of the select button on the PS2 Remote).Well, hopefully I can get to working on some other good features such as learning and a gui. Both features are far away as I only know how to send SIRCS signals, and no clue on howto start even thinking about GUI