Rainer Sinsch has released the worlds first SID Player for the PSP. This version can be still considerd as Test-Version but works well enough for your retro-style music pleasure. Thanks for the news Rainer! (For anyone who intends to copy this news, feel free to give credits, as this release has been sent to PD Roms for publishing.)

Installation notes (for PSP v1.5):
Extract the memory-stick folder to your memory-stick as it is. If you want more sid files just put them into the sids folder located at the root of your memory-stick.

PSP-TinySID plays all available SID-files located at the /sids folder. Press”X”to cycle through them (no file browser yet). Everything will be played at 44.1khz, including sid-filters and 2x oversampling. Please note that this program uses the tinysid engine and *NOT* anything sidplay1/2-related.

Known bugs:
This is a test version, don’t expect too much for now.

  • Only support for single speed songs for now.
  • No support for subsongs for now
  • Maximum of 512 songs in folder (will be changed later).
  • No digi-support.

    Rainer Sinsch (rsinsch[at]t-online.de)

  • http://www.pdroms.de/file_details.php?fn=2540