Release notes:

Here’s a link to a port I have made of ps2yabasic to the PSP. It lets you play (but not edit) all your yabasic saves on the PSP.I’ve included eboots for both 1.5 and 1.0 BIOS versions – put the correct folder(s) in the PSP/GAME folder on the memory stick.Put the yabasic folder in the PSP folder on the memory stick.What’s working?Pretty much everything except below!What isn’t working?It runs about 80% of the speed of the PSP.The console output window doesn’t work.No text input is working.Slight memory leaks.The beep doesn’t work.Things to note:It slaps the PSP into 333MHz mode while the interpreter is running, and back into 222MHz mode at exit.Press both shoulder buttons together to exit the interpreter.…/a>