Author notes:

For all the people who have been asking, here’s the first demo test release of PSPSOne. This one is hard-coded to run the pdx-dlcm.psx demo, but I’ve included a few other psx files as well. It runs at about .5 fps @ 222mhz, The emulation is really slow at this point, I’m still working on getting my recompiler to function properly (or at all). Once the recompiler is working, I expect to see a huge jump in performance. After that, I’ll replace the GPU software rendering with the GE calls to hardware blit 2d triangles. You’ll need to run the KXploit tool on this. The directory must be PSPSONE, Also, you’ll need to put in the scph1001.bin playstion bios into the /bios subdirectory for this to work. I know it’s really slow, but it’s a start. -PMF out