Release notes:

I’ve decided to release another ALPHA version of the PSPSOne emulator as a demo so everyone can see how much the speed has progressed.

No BIOS is required for this demo, I’m using the internal HLE Bios built into the emulator. This is the same Paradox demo I released last year, except this runs much faster.

Some techinical info:

-This version is running with the interpreter CPU core, not the recompiler.
-This is running with full 256×256 textures (I can get better speed with 64×64 or 128×128 textures)
-No sound
-Partial debug loggin enabled
-partially optimized build

I’ll add a fps counter to all future versions so you can see speeds for yourself. Remember that this Paradox demo was designed to test the very limits of the Playstation.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, This ALPHA demo is hardwired to play a single psx demo file that I have provided, It will NOT run a game in it’s current state. I plan to release a playable BETA version very soon that has a GUI, mapped controls, and the ability to select and load psx/bin/bin.gz files.

Also, would someone with a 2.0 check to see if it works?

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