Here is anothe pre-release of PSPRadio, an internet radio client for your Playstation Portable. Changes:

(raf) Enabled the CPU speed change option.

  • (raf) Started adding SHOUTcast support
  • (sandberg) Implemented a VRAM memory manager, so all textures are now loaded from files into VRAM.
  • (sandberg) Added full playlist and playlist entries support for the 3D UI.
  • (sandberg) made 2 minor error correction to the option menu.
  • (sandberg) Added rendering of the background effect to the option menu.
  • (jpfouch48) Re-vamped Grapics UI Theme class
  • (jpfouch48) Cleaned up theme implementation and theme file
  • (jpfouch48) Created icons for buffer display, network status, and stream status
  • (sandberg) Implemented support for using the Select(raf: changed to Start) button for entering the option menu. The triangle button is only used for swapping between the playlist and Shoutcast list.
  • (raf) Now user needs to press X or O to go from playlist selection over to entries box.
  • (raf) Fixed crash on exit when logging is 80 or higher.
  • (raf) Added logging level selection and UI selection in Options menu
  • (raf) Added option to download latest database from (this is usable, but still work in progress. — the app only lets you do this once a minute, not more often. (Shouldn’t have to anyway))