PSPRadio allows you to listen to streaming internet radio programs (and more). Changes:

(raf) Core/All: Added plugin system – this will only currently work under f/w 1.5. UIs have been converted to PRXs, as well as PSPRadio. A Loader starts PSPRadio now (on 1.5) (r817-861). (raf) All: Reorganized hierarchy of files. And enchanced build system. (raf) Now build generates dynamic and static releases. The dynamic release will currently only work with f/w 1.5 The static release (won’t support plugins) should work on all f/w’s but won’t attempt loading usb/wifi drivers, so it won’t have networking/usb unless provided by a loader (needs to be tested under eloader). BUG FIXES (raf) Using the home menu option to exit should always exit pspradio (even if it crashed) now.