PSPRadio is an internet radio streaming client for the PSP. Changes:

0.38-Pre2 (r744) (2006-01-27)


  • (sandberg) Core: Added support for logging via WiFi instead of using the memorystick. (r729)
  • (sandberg) External: Added a simple server application which can receive the log-entries via WiFi on the PC. (r729)
  • (sandberg) 3DUI: A new popup dialog has been added to show error messages from PSPRadio. (r732)
  • (raf) Core: Next/Prev via HPRM are now global (r733)
  • (raf) TextUI: Updated skins from Semtex199 (r733)
  • (raf) Core: Added new playmode”GLOBAL”. When on this mode, when the last track of an album finishes, the player goes to the first track of the next album. (r734)
  • (raf) Core: Updated SHOUTcast db.xml to lastest as of 1-26-06 (r736)
  • (raf) Core: Added support for ID3 tags (v1 and v2) (r738/739)
  • (raf) Core: Made Playback mode a config item in PSPRadio.cfg. Now its saved with the other config options.Make sure you update your PSPRadio.cfg for this to work. (r744)


  • (sandberg) 3DUI: The active item are now default selected when entering the option screen. (r728)
  • (sandberg) 3DUI: The program version is now only shown on the option screen when using the 3D UI (r727)
  • (sandberg) 3DUI: Fixed a couple of bug which caused the UI to read random data. (r730)
  • (sandberg) Core: Added check for buffer event, so they are only sent when there are changes. (r731)
  • (raf) Core: Fixed bug where HPRM would crash the localfiles screen (r733)
  • (raf) TextUI: Corrected problem where 12AM was being displayed as 00AM (r734)