Seems not only myself had a bad expirience recently…

Here are a few lines from brakken of

Wraggster, for my knowledge hasn’t been giving proper credit to emulation authors who post their work exclusively on other websites from some time – well at least in cases of the SkeenDev emulators. At the time barely any “scene” sites were covering the emulators due to the fact that there were only a handful of these sites who actually reported on GameCube. To make matters worse two of these “scene” sites who actually did cover GameCube homebrew, MaxConsole and PS2NFO were on bad terms with me and didn’t want to send my site traffic due to various reasons including loss of revenue.

These facts actually hurt the GameCube scene as the very talented authors works were not being spread around the scene. The end result of these other sites greedy tactics turned against them as TehSkeen quickly became a premier site for GameCube related developments and in the end these so called scene sites lost more traffic (income) then they would of if they would of covered the news themselves. Although, gained more popularity I was still not pleased as the homebrew authors weren’t getting they attention they deserved.

During this period in time Wraggster was one of the only English language “scene” sites posting constant updates about the emulators, but he was also not citing the source. This happened on numerous occasions. I however ignored for two reasons: (1) The emulators were getting coverage on a major site. (2) Lots of sites don’t link to respective sources so it’s pointless to post about them unless they are up to a lot of no good like MaxConsole and PS2NFO. Although, I ignored his disrespect for my site and the GameCube coders I did not forget…

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Update: 05:06 @ 21. 11. 20007
While trying to use my account I got this:

You have been banned for the following reason: Nice, Very Nice newspost – Date the ban will be lifted: Never

First STEALING news and then beeing pissed, when someone moans about it in the public… I call this “Very Nice” too and pretty professional 😉 – It probably just proofs that what has been written here tells nothing, but the truth! 😉