McZonk creator of the PSP port of Quake II has released a patch to fix a few known problems. Notes:

Quake II PSP – Patch Day
The first patch is finished. It will just fix little bugs. It not contains sound, no full singleplayer or multiplayer support and nothing of all the other missing stuff.Download: fix invert analog nub (was not working)- go to menu after first loop of intro- fix network game crash- added gpl to zip- removed the iso protectionI have not added an osk. I didn’t found a good one that was installable into Quake II.I still think the iso protection was a good idea. There was a lot of discussion about that. I know I cannot stop piracy, but perhaps you think about it now and buy games instead of steal them.I removed the protection because it will be removed as soon as I release the sources. In fact it is just a #define :)I’ll setup a source code package with Quake 2 PSP the next days. I have to fix some stuff so it will compile without problems. It will include all sources as well as a tutorial for mod porting. But I cannot support anyone until my first final release. Sorry, it would handicap my own development.