JyCet has released a new beta of his GnGeo frontend for the GP2x. Changse:

beta4-fix little bug to display the first preview at rage2x launch-big optimisation of font display-add option to choose a GUI speed (LEFT || RIGHT)-change key to swap windows to SELECT-change gfx mode to 16bits for a better preview diplay (thk to paeryn for his SDL lib)-fix LIST.DAT by antidark (thk to him)-add all preview by antidark (thk to him too :)) (around of 3.6MB;))-add external configuration file (rage2x.cfg) you can look inside;)-add option auto reload of GUI (/! ONLY FOR THE NEXT NEW GNGEO /!)-add option CPU speed (/! ONLY FOR THE NEXT NEW GNGEO /!) -you can change the roms folder in rage2x.cfg-add a second roms folder (priority is romspath1>romspath2)-add raster option (use for super side kick game scrolling)-rename file LIST.DAT to RAGE2X.DAT-started to enter additional information in DAT file (you’re welcome to complete it and share you’re work :))-correct (i hope) the uncompatibility with gp2x-cramfs (but gpe size is bigger now)-add option to see or not additional game information-remove FPS count in upper left

As this is posted in the GP32x.com’s beta-test webboard section, you need to be registered to get access.