ReboNDS is a puzzle/action game in which you have to fill a playgound area isolating balls. To reach the goal, you have to draw horizontal or vertical lines. Any closed area without ball inside it will be automatically filled. Hence, this game is another version of the various X-bounce, K-Bounce, Win-Bounce, and so on… Some of the graphics wre created from scratch, some others use parts of icons from the Linux world.The current version is still under development. Sources are available for coders who are looking for ideas and solutions to problems.Currently, highscores are again not recorder. However, microphone is finally available. If you blow enough in the microphone or if you speek strong enough, then it will cancel the possible line currently drawn, just in cas you notice that the line will be cut by a ball 😉 I wil generalize the use of the microphone in the cases where ther eis only one possible action (like, end the highscores view…) Sounds have been added and numerous bugs have been fixed.